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March 11, 2019

How to Start a Blog and Monetize it in 7 Days

Do you know I can still remember when I ever wrote my first blog post and created my first blog site – I must reveal this to you – It was in the year 2007 while I was residing with my parents somewhere in Kumasi, Ghana. Honestly, I had little or no knowledge about blogging.   I never even knew “what is a blog” nor “How to start a blog” nor “How to set up a blog”.I was blank in these matters, although, I had heard stories of BlogSpot, WordPress; also, how an individual will start a blog for free…

February 25, 2019

Revealed: The Best Proven Ways to Make Money Online

If you are reading this post right now, I assume that you  here like many other people to learn the formula of how to earn make money online. You will find a number of tutorials , guides,  online courses about making money online but they will all cost you to begin with. Most professional tutorials that can teach you to make money online  will cost you around $97 or more , some are really good , like mine 🙂 what i have provided  here are simply free ways to make money online. Though not free, because you will commit time…

February 12, 2019

How to Start an Online Business with 100+ ideas

I am very sure that you might have thought about starting an online business at some point in your life. Did  you question what your online business will be about , how you will start and even grow your online business?   Why an Online Business?   I do not want to think , money is the only reason why we start online businesses, for me i did not start my online business solely because of money, or because i read severally how to make money online.   My main reason was to start an online business business that could…

January 26, 2019

Free 50+ Free Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today

Free Marketing ideas are a gold mine for every business. Often time it happens that such free marketing ideas and free marketing stratgies are not common to come by. I have curated some of my favorite and marketing ideas , almost all of these marketing ideas have been implemented one way or the other by me for myself or for a client.   Please note some of these  free marketing ideas are not 100% free , some will require a minimum investment , example could be creating a facebook account , this will require you to invest in a laptop…

January 21, 2019

How to Get Free Instagram Followers – Step By Step Guide To 10k Followers

Getting Instagram followers is not easy these days at it was a few years ago. Both technology and people have revolutionized. This short guide is   Now, you need more effort and more technical approach to get free Instagram followers and beat the competition of smart brands who are already very technical in their approach and catch up the ultra-smart algorithm of Instagram.   According to recent statistics made by The Statistics Portal, there are more than 200 million active members, sharing and liking things on Instagram; so it is a time to make your brand famous among those people…

January 4, 2019

Finding Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

You are passionate about digital marketing and you want to land a job so bad but things aren’t working out you.  No need to worry anymore.   After reading this post, you will discover a simplified step-by-step guide that will get you well on your way to landing your first digital marketing job. This is because digital marketing is for you and you deserve to earn a living from it.   Contrary to what most people think about digital marketing, it doesn’t take a guru to land the perfect job. You only have to do a few things right and…

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