If you are reading this post right now, I assume that you  here like many other people to learn the formula of how to earn make money online.

You will find a number of tutorials , guides,  online courses about making money online but they will all cost you to begin with. Most professional tutorials that can teach you to make money online  will cost you around $97 or more , some are really good , like mine 🙂 what i have provided  here are simply free ways to make money online.

Though not free, because you will commit time , energy, buy one or two items like a $2 Hosting Service etc….. well they say nothing comes free these days

There is no shortcut or any kind of tricks here that can teach you how to make to money online quickly, keywords like “How to Make Money Online Fast” has over 110, 000 average searches, i am afraid to say if you are one of those people, this guide is not fot you .

Here I’m going to share my past experience of how i have not made fast , quick or easy money online but how i have earned consistently more than $1,000 beside my regular job from online sources like affiliates , Importation ,teaching, Selling, Blogging, Freelancing and other ways not through any easy means but hardwork, dedication and constant  learning .

To help you out I plan to turn my blog into a bigger money making machine and after a year of blogging into this , i will start sharing my monthly income report as a way to inpire you. I believe that will motivate you to  learn  how to make money online , just how I have started , maybe not $1,000 per month but you can start from somewhere like $50 a month or even more but not $10,000 per month.

The fact is that today, the internet has created many ways for people of all age and background and location to be able to set up their online business or to work online to make an extra cash every month. I have experienced it myself since 2006 when i read  my first online money making article and and bought the online money making program from Chris Farrell in 2011 , well Chris thought me how to make money with sales pages , email list , clickbank , affiliate marketing  and  a few others that may be saturated online now .

Like everyone else i had my own doubt if “Making Money Online” was real,  soi sent Chris a message to find out if it was really true and surprising i did not get a reply but i went ahead and purchased the program for 6 months, you can imagine how  desperate and serious i was ready  to make learn how to make money online.

Please not i am not recommending Chris Farrell’s program for you, you can however check it out , it’s a membership site that charges $37 per month, do your own research before you make the purchase .

That was seven years ago, i purchased a couple of other programs , courses , ebooks along the way and yes i did make some money online , but it didnt come easy or quick or fast . It was pure love for the internet, pure commitment , and serious work. I remember how i will spend all my money at the internet cafe because i didn’t have internet at home by then 🙂 …in my other post i will share how i made money online since 2012 and how much i have made online .

I have always dreamt of having a sustainable online income every month, for which I have spent years in trying to achieve this and to have a status of self-employed. Although I am on my way to  achieved this, it has not been easy I must say.

I have had many ups and downs in my journey to achieve my dreams. I started by launching four different businesses online. I suffered a loss of $2,537 within months of starting my first blog. I failed in my second venture as well. I overestimated the demand for that and this eventually lead to it shut down.

Making use of the learned lessons, I made over $1,000 revenue in the  first month of the next business I started. This was just the stepping stone for me and once I succeeded, I developed a taste of self-made success and have never looked back. After the initial success, I have signed different digital marketing consulting contracts with different companies .


With my failures and successes in my online businesses, I have gained a clear understanding of dos and don’ts of making money online. I can now tell you what will work to make money online and what will not.

The Internet is changing the ways of doing business. More than 3.2 billion people use internet these days for one reason or other, this has all lead to a global transformation of lifestyles directly impacting business strategies.

There is no restriction for you to do a business in your own surroundings or to a limited area. There are bundles of alternatives if you are stuck at any resources’ issue. There are many ways to get you out of any hole you get stuck in with the help of the internet

You can start an online business sitting in your own comfort chair with a working internet connection and a few dollars in your bank account. You can put your few dollars to work and they will make you extra bucks over time

Quick money sounds amazing, doesn’t it? People talk about a lot of quick ways to get rich by making money online, but most of those ways are in fact, not legit and sustainable ways to make money online or build an online business, they are over tactics to take your money and leave you hanging in the air.

Although some of those ways will make you quick bucks but that will be limited to a few hundreds of a thousand dollars. You can get a one-time revenue by those methods, but the goal is to get financial freedom and getting a control of your lifestyle. Those methods will not help you get there.

With a lot of opportunities arising from the internet, there is an ever-increasing competition as well. There is no shortage of people looking for opportunities who are forward thinking and with all of them trying to grab them, there is always a healthy competition.

Here is a tough pill to swallow: You have to put in time and effort as well as blood, sweat and tear in every way to make money online that lasts for some time and give you a financial stability.

With all the opportunities available online and number of people seeking them, you need to stand out in the crowd. You must first analyze what you want to do and grab the opportunities that you are confident of and are good at.

With all that said and done, let’s begin

As you are here to know about different ways to make money online so first things first.

First of all, keep this thing in mind that there is no ‘EASY MONEY’ or ‘GET RICH QUICK’ type of thing. These schemes are usually trap to get you first pay for their service or some training courses. May be some schemes may work for a short period of time but they can not make you self employed in a long run.

The best time to start online business is NOW. Don’t wait for some special time to come. If you have some spare time, some dollars in the bank and internet connection then just do it. Just believe in your skills and do not repeat the same mistake if you did any in the past. You will surely hit success someday.


1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is advertising others product and getting paid  on selling that product.A good example is Amazon Partnerhsip,  Amazon provides a platform to advertise and help thir affiliates sell their products and earn a commission, they call them Amazon Associates, I have it on my other niche sites

One of the oldest affiliate networks on the web, Amazon Associates is one of the main reasons why Amazon has become the monster it is today. For me, it’s been the easiest way to earn affiliate income fro my niche sites. I have built countless Amazon niche sites where I have earned enough money through reviewing products that appear on Amazon.com or .co.uk

You need to find a niche you are interested in and advertise effectively and attract a lot of audience. First become an amazon associate and use keyword to find in-demand niche and then sign up for a reputable affiliate marketing site like share-a-link or skim link.

Examples of Websites Using Affiliate Marketing

Sometimes its a good idea to actually see some success stories within affiliate marketing to truly understand the concept of “affiliate marketing”. Below I have included some real examples of websites that earn thousands of dollars per month / day with affiliate marketing.

  • IMDB.com

The huge online movie database IMDb.com has information on thousands of films, actors, and producers. So there is a great opportunity to link out to merchants who can sell the items that are being researched on the site–specifically DVDs or streaming video.

On each movie page within the site, the right sidebar includes a link out to Amazon. This is done in an automated way as the link takes referrals to a search page within Amazon displaying results for the movie title or Actor.

Many bloggers also happen to have published more traditional collections of their writings, which allows for some affiliate marketing opportunities within any of their online pieces. Specifically, affiliate links to online retailers can be included as part of an author’s articles or blog posts.

This popular product review site reviews different types of products and compiles them into comparison tables and top 10 lists. The site appears to be mainly funded by Amazon Associates. The content on the site is comprehensive and gives the user great advice on what products are worth the money.

Affiliate Networks

There are several options availabel,  it is beneficial to join quiet a few of them  so that you have a variety of products and/or services at your disposal to promote on a regular basis

Here are just a few that have been of great benefit to me over the years:

Well, ClickBank is one of the most popular online websites for buying and selling information products. On this platform you can find email marketing software, audio books to help with public speaking and just about anything that you can imagine.

Anyone can become a ClickBank Affiliate — it’s free. When you find a product that you wish to promote, either by searching the ClickBank marketplace or at a vendor’s website, you will be provided with a unique link which you can use to direct customers to the product page.

Other Affiliate Networks includes

  • ShareASale
  • FlexOffers
  • MaxBounty
  • Awin

2. Sell Online

If you have some skills of physical product and want to sell on a large scale. There is a solution for you. Shopify gives you a chance to create an ecommerce site for your product to sell. If you don’t have any skill no problem. Just make a deal with local manufacturer to buy their products on wholesale rate, advertise it in proper way and sell it on higher price in online market. This plan needs a lot of investment and risk but turns out in a very profitable business if every thing goes in your favor.

There is another way to sell physical product online with low investment and risk. At the same time there is no tension to buy products, store in your inventory and deliver to your prime customer. Drop shipping is a way in which you just advertise product of a local manufacturer. Although there is low profit margin but avoids a lot of risks and you don’t have to ship product by yourself. You drive in the customer and every thing else is done for you.

There are more marketplaces other than shopify like

Amazon Rather than drop shipping, Amazon lets you store your products in their own warehouses, making them available for Free 2-Day Shipping to Prime members.

Etsy is a place for you if your product is related to handmade crafty. It is a valuable option and is bonus for you if your product attracts female audience.

  • Sells Products on a Shopify Store

If you want to sell your physical products online. Shopify store is the best option for you which allow you to build your online store with in a short period of time with good selling price, good template and presentation and the most importantly secured means of payment.

  • Sell Photos Online

If you have a talent of photography and don’t have any platform to sell your talent then don’t worry. You can sell your artistic photography online on shutterstock , istockphoto and a few other stock photo sites .

You will get paid whenever someone download or license your picture you submit on site. Once you make a good profile on these websites then it is better to make your own website to get higher prices for your photographs.

  • Sell your Old Gears

There are a lot of sites like Orchard which allows you to put your used gear for sell. Most of people don’t want to spend their money on new shiny gears. They always look for used one.

3. Develop and Sell Software

Every day you use a lot of apps and software on your mobile and desktop. this can be about anything from productive math problem solving software to time wasting game app what you play in your spare time. It depends on customers choice who use it.

There are two basic ways to make money by software development.

First path is to hit an idea of useful and product software, you validate the real customer and then hire a software developer or studio to built it, then you scale and promote your software. If everything goes in your favor you will get approval by apple and google store and will make money every time someone download it or pay for your premium feature.

Second path is to design and develop your software on your own and wait for your software to off the ground. This path needs high skills and reasonable time for your product to work but gives you more ownership and security. If you are willing to do work on this path and want to learn software development skills there are some reputable platforms that deliver online courses like Treehouse, CodeAcademy and skillcrush to get you learn professional software development skills.

4. Start Online Coaching and Advice

On freelance you can sell your skills. In the same way there are some platforms where people like to take your advice and coaching on a particular program which you master. All you need to know your skills on thought and how to teach people on a particular subject.

If you consult and advice your client in easy way then you can make a good progress. There are some communities where you can find your clients who need expert opinions like savvy.is and clarity.fm.

  • Online Fitness Coach

If you are a gym trainer and want to earn extra money then use your fitness coaching skill by making videos on YouTube and train people online. Once you build up a reputation then you can make a good amount of money.

5. Online Courses

If you are really good at something you can teach that skill to others and make money online. You can make online courses about your skills for people who want to learn that skill. This way needs a very hard upfront effort and time to publicize your course but when things go in your favor you make a handsome amount of money for months and even years.

6. Make your own YouTube Channel

YouTube channel is also a very good platform to make money. All you need to know how to make a video about your particular skill and how to hit a particular audience. Two types of YouTube videos categories are there:

  • Educational content

These days students learn a lot through YouTube videos just by typing “How To”. Learning things by watching videos is the easiest way. So, make videos about what you can teach to your audience and make money. Example, When you create  cooking videos on YouTube you can earn a good revenue.

  • Entertainment

Vlogs, video games walkthrough, web series and comedy short clips are the ways to entertain the audience on YouTube. Your content should be unique so that you may hit a lot of audience.

7. Podcasts

Podcasts are very hot things these days as people are going on passive ways of contact because of busy schedules. Interviewing a unique person or telling an inspirational story are major topics on podcasts.

All you need is a microphone and software to record your podcast. Advertising your podcast and gaining a lot of audience take time but podcast is on early stages so it is better and easier than ever to start it now.

8. Part-Time Remote company

There are a lot of companies like staff.com, landing jobs and Flex jobs which offer part time remote jobs according to your skills. Most of the part time remote jobs are related to customer support or customer facing positions. Mostly these jobs are combinations of software and physical world like Careem and Uber.

9. Website Testing

If you have the idea of judging a website what makes it good and popular. How it looks and what kind of material it has then there are a lot of people out there who want to hire you to test their website to make it better. Most of the popular services which hire skilled professionals to test websites are usertesting.com, testing time ( for people outside U.S) and side income jobs.

10. Audiobooks

Book reading is becoming out dated and audiobooks are gaining a lot of popularity among books readers. If you have a good voice or have skills of voice over then audiobooks narration is a job fit for you. Sites like ACX connect author with audiobook performer or voiceover artist to sell their respective services to each other and provide a platform to make money. 

11. Self-Publishing (eBook)

If you have the skill to write a book but don’t have a good platform to publish it. Don’t worry. Amazon self-publishing is a platform fit for you where you write a book on a topic, set a price and retain the rights to your books. On each download of your eBook you get 70% share and the rest goes to amazon as publishing fee.

12. Freelance Online

Another way for your skills is freelancing. You can employ yourself as a  freelancer by selling your services by yourself. You can make a lot of money by freelancing if you have unique skills and you know how and which audience you have to hit. Here is a quick step by step guide for you how freelance works:

  • Decide your goal: first decide either you want to work as fulltime freelancer or extra time job from home. Because it takes time to ramp up your freelance business so decide what your goal is.
  • Find a Profitable Niche: It is very important on freelance to find a profitable niche. That means you need to know the value of your skills and work on your skill to make it unique. Unique skills and good portfolio give you highly paid contracts.
  • Identify Target Customers: you need to align your portfolio and cold email with the companies and clients which hiring you.
  • Set Price of  your Services: you need to set prices according to your services and the importance of your time combined. Extra time money has not equal value as compared to day time money. This graph can help you decide what you should charge hourly on your freelance services.
  • Sign your Client: reach out to your client and mention them in your content. Tailor your services to the table. Always remember to have solid freelance contract in place.

Freelancing Gigs you can try

  • JustAnswer

Information and expertise have great demand in online business. If you are shy or hesitate to talk on phone then make a profile on JustAnswer  according to your expertise to answer people who are ready to take help. To make a profile and sell your expertise and information you need verification of your skill, resume and a form of identification. You are either a doctor or lawyer just answer questions of people and get paid for your services.

  • Do Data Entry for Companies

If you have quick typing skill then there are a lot of companies out there like indeed, craiglist or upwork who hire you to do data entry for them. The quicker your typing skill is, the more you earn.

  • Online Contests for Company Names and Slogans

If you can name anything or you can work witty names then you can put different company names on namingforce.com and squadhelp.com. New people in business search for their company name and if they select your imaginative names you get paid for that. Similarly, if you can make slogans on each and every thing you think then put it on sloganslingers.com and earn money.

  • Start Digital Marketing Agency or Social Media Makreting Agency

Demand for Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing services in the rise lately. Many artists ,musicians need  and even big brands need social media marketing experts to maintain and run their fan page to stay in contact with their fans. If you have some skills on twitter and facebook marketing then find some client on Fiverr.com, freelancer.com and Upwork.

Read https://passiveagenda.com/digital-marketing-side-hustle/

  • Video Editing

Videos are becoming more and more popular among people. People prefer videos on everything either it is education or entertainment. Some people need highly skilled professionals to edit their raw footage into a useful video. If have right software and skills to edit a video then you can become online video editor and then look for client on Mandy.com or Production Hub.

  • Online voice over

If you have a good voice to voice over or can create a character just by your voice then there are a lot of people who are ready to hire you for their animated series, education videos to voice over. Make your profile on Fiverr or upwork or on specialized site like voices.com to get clients and earn extra money.

  • Etsy for your craft work

For your handmade phone cases, rings and bracelets, Etsy is a place for you. You can advertise your product and hit the audience here. Etsy is best for everyone who is best in imaginative and creative handmade crafts. On these sites you hit the audience that you may have not found otherwise.

  • Virtual Assistant

If you have managing skills then you can become an assistant of important persons. You have to managing their daily schedules, keeping their books, database entry, booking travel, and managing email. Make a profile on Fiverr or upwork and post your managing skills and find high profile clients.

  • Virtual English Tutor

If you are good at English and have teaching skill then you can make extra money by teaching a large number of students online for their tests like OET and IELTS. You can deliver lecture through skype. Look for job on remote.co and Learn4Good by signing up.

  • Help People with Tax return Prep

Most small businessmen need someone to prepare their annual tax return to avoid any tension in the future. There are a lot of income tax school training programs that make you able to prepare tax return within few weeks. Once you master the skill you can charge $200+ per return. Fiverr and upwork can help you to find your clients.

  • Proofread Articles

If you are article writer you can also proofread other people’s articles. Many companies need to proofread their articles before they use for commercial purposes. Upwork is the platform where companies make a high demand on article proofreading.

  • Online Visa and Travel Consultant

If you are a traveler and has visited a lot of places then you can guide other people to travel and explore the world. To help them to decide where and when to go by making your own niche. This way needs a lot of experience to earn a good income.

  • Virtual Jobs on TaskRabbit

If you can do others people home chores then TaskRabbit is for you where you can do other people’s daily little chores. TaskRabbit provides you client on daily basis little chores like walking a pet, setting a closet etc.

13. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon mechanical Turk is a platform where you get paid by doing microtasks. Each task requires human interaction like rating search results, checking for the right spelling on search terms, categorizing an article, or even basic translating. These tasks can be done from a place where ever you feel comfortable.

  • 99Designs, Cloudpeeps or TopTal

If you are a worker of specific niche like designing a site or software development and marketing then there are a lot of sites which are fit for you. 99Designs or Dribbble for designers, Cloudpeeps for marketing and SEO professionals, and TopTal are the places where you can show your skills and make money online. Once you have built a good repute on these sites you can work as a highly paid consultant and can earn a lot of money.

  • Graphic Design for Local Companies

There may be a lot of companies in your neighborhood which have very bad working style and graphic design. Go find them, motivate them to do better and design graphics and work environment for them and get paid for these services. You just need a creative mind to design and by using easy-to-use tools like adobe illustrator you can earn.

  • Be Influencer on Instagram

As it is very tough to get viewers and followers on Instagram. If you make your profile attractive and have a large number of audience then you can make a impact influence on companies, major brands to hire you for their product promotions and endorsement  to get your audience.

Different companies are willing to even pay $ 500+-5000+ $ per post to get in front of your audience. You can make a good profile on Instagram by using good filters and content.

14. Rent your place on AirBnB

On AirBnB you can make online extra money by simply renting your spare bedroom or full apartment to someone who need a place to stay.

It is not a easy task though because you have to prepare yourself always for guests to stay on your place and keep clean your place.

15. Online T-Shirt Business

Online T-Shirt business is growing very quickly now a days. If you are good at designing a sketch on something that is trending  and can advertise it effectively then it will be a very good business for you.

Platforms like TeeSpring has make it easier than ever to sell your design. They do everything for you like printing and shipping. You just have to design a product and advertise it in T-Shirt loving audience.

16. Domain & Website Flipping

Buying a good domain name on cheap rates and then selling it on higher rates is business from a decade. It is a long-term business because your domain name needs time to get into market.

For example, you buy a domain name for a cheap rate that can be a name of some multi billion company in future. You have to wait for the right time to get good price for your domain. I have a few domain names i am selling, i bought some for as low as $10 and have sold them for $2000. This is good money but it again it takes time to sell a domain name

  • Buy ans Sell websites

Many websites have great domain names and niche but cannot get enough traffic for a valuable profit. These websites need a little bit of attention of a professional SEO expert to get a heavy traffic and earn good money. If you have skills in SEO then buy these kinds of sites and work on them and earn a good profit.

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