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I have carefully created this page for you, these are basically resources and tools i personally use for myself and the clients i serve , these are the  tools you need to succeed at every level of your journey as a  digital marketer and online business entrepreneur.


 Register your Domain Name

First you need a domain name for your website or landingpage , since 2011 i have been using one domain name registrar for a lot of  reasons , first of all , It is cheap and it offers a lot of freebies for me, i get free lifetime domain privacy , free domain parking , one good feature i use daily is the domain comparison, i get to know how much other domain registrars .

The price is $6.99 for life , that is what you pay all the time when you have to pay renew, unlike other registrars like Godaddy where you will be lured to pay $1 for the first year and then the subsequent years you are asked to pay $15 …not cool

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