With the world subtly sliding into the world of cryptocurrency as the global economy picks its bits and pieces due to the COVID-19 pandemic crippling many businesses and individuals, you might want to go fishing for Bitcoin. Now, just as many new ventures smell of risks and dangers, the world of cryptocurrency is not exempted but then also success in the world of cryptocurrency is naked without risks and dangers.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency system used in purchasing goods and services; a form of payment exchanged online. There are many other forms of payments which are termed as tokens and there can be traded for preferred goods and services for organizational and/or individual satisfaction. Cryptocurrencies work using the blockchain technology which is spread across many computers that manage and record transactions.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency among many others used online for the payment of goods and services. You can buy bitcoins with “real” money and use the bitcoins for your online businesses and trades. This new system is not a myth in our country as some individuals, companies and even the Central Bank of Ghana are taking interest in.

It is drawing attention due to the huge returns, quick trading access and mobile system (being able to trade anywhere and everywhere, at any time) due to its digital space.

The risks and dangers involved in the Cryptocurrency trading system is due to no known body present to regulate the trading system. This Cryptocurrency trading system is like an open invincible market where you throw money into the void to purchase substantial goods and services.


In trading with bitcoin, always seek the lowest possible fees with the highest security standards. Before you move into buying and trading in Bitcoin, you will need to first register with Binance P2P (this a platform that makes it easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in Ghana). You either download the Binance Desktop Client Software on your computer or go to Binance and register on the website. You can also download the app on Google Play Store or the iOS app store.

Now that you know this you don’t have to hesitate buying your coins. If you have any questions you can drop it in the comments section and I would be glad to respond to your message.















How to buy Bitcoin in Ghana

  • Open the Binance App and select “P2P Trading.”
  • Click on the Buy tab and select BTC.
  • Click on the filter icon at the top right of your screen and select the Bank payment method and the GHS currency to buy the cryptocurrency. Then, click “Confirm.”
  • Choose from the list which offer best suits you.
  • Then after enter the amount of Bitcoin you will like to purchase.
  • Choose the seller you will like to buy from based on the information on payment provided about the seller and send the amount to.
  • After sending the money to the seller, you click on transfer tab.
  • Click on confirm after the transaction to complete the process and receive your Bitcoin.

This trading platform allows many payment methods. Among them are mobile money (for all networks) and PayPal.



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